New Jersey Freeze Hockey Club Joins Elite Junior Profiles

For Immediate Release:

Randolph, NJ, October 7, 2020: The NJ Freeze Hockey Club is proud to announce a partnership with Elite Junior Profiles (EJP). The purpose of this joint venture is to provide players, who wish to continue playing hockey beyond high school, a resource to utilize while searching college programs or next steps into Junior hockey programs. The EJP will provide a platform for a player to market himself/herself athletically as well as promote academics, character, personality and goals.

'Elite Junior Profiles is proud to partner with the NJ Freeze Hockey Club,' said Paul Pechmann, the Co-Founder of EJP. 'We look forward to assisting all student-athletes (and their parents) to build, grow, enhance, and showcase the student-athlete's accomplishments, abilities, awards and future goals to prospective colleges, coaches, committees, and organizations. I feel our platform, with the success of the NJ Freeze youth hockey organization, makes this partnership very exciting in our mutual quest to help student-athletes reach their college and professional goals.'

EJP will offer NJ Freeze members the ability to build a comprehensive profile that may be tailored to fit the individual. Players will have the opportunity to highlight skills, abilities, interests, talents and accomplishments as a student and an athlete. EJP will provide colleges, coaches or potential employers insight into the character and potential of the student-athlete. Players will create a profile which will offer a dataset of information that no other service on the internet provides today. The site is user friendly and can link pertinent information for single one-stop source for those of interest.

The New Jersey Freeze Hockey Club is proud to support its players and families.


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