Frozen Tide Spring Elite Program

Registration for the 2020 Frozen Tide Spring Elite Program is now open. Last year, we had over 50% of our Freeze members skate in this program. We are hoping to increase that number this year. The Freeze is having one of our most successful seasons in 16 years. This is due in large part to players staying on the ice in the Spring and skating in our Summer Skills Sessions. We hope you decide to join us this March.

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Can I play Baseball, Lacrosse, Soccer or another spring sport and still play with the Frozen Tide?
Yes. The Frozen Tide teams will practice at night, and attend weekend tournaments. This will have minimal impact on your other spring sports.

Is there an issue if my HS Hockey Coach is also a spring coach?
No. Just like with our Fall teams, we will work the team/coach alignment to adhere to NJSIAA rules.

Will the teams skate with Frozen Tide Jerseys this spring?
Yes. We will wear Frozen Tide Green/White jerseys for the spring program. Jerseys are included with the tuition.

What are the locations for the tournaments?
We will attend one local tournament and one away tournament(s) in PA, MA, DE or CT.

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